My story & career

I’m a teacher, presenter, and podcaster based in Dallas, TX.

My story:

I am an educator with 30+ years of teaching. I have done every grade level from 4 to 12, but I currently teach 5th grade Reading and Social Studies in Dallas Independent School District, Dallas, Texas, USA.

I truly believe mine is the best job in the world. I love teaching children because they are always ready to play, they are honest, transparent, and are the most forgiving and trusting creatures I have ever seen!


My second passion, other than teaching, is working alongside educators. I have the privilege of visiting schools as a presenter, encouraging and sharing successful tools and ideas with my peers. I have a wide range of presentations that will fit your staff's needs.

Presented in:

Dallas ISD
Richardson ISD

As a child, I used to live in a large multi-generational house. Even though I enjoyed playing with friends, there was something very special about playing alone in my tent: it provided a much-needed sanctuary. In the tent, I met with just myself. With the intention of expanding the range of my visits to schools, I started a podcast: Teachers’ Tent. I desire it will provide every teacher the same solace and peace that my own tent gave me in my long-gone childhood days.


My passion: Teaching