"Go for the Heart First"

Have you experienced any of these lately?

“My students are not motivated to learn.”

“Books have lost the battle against technology.”

“I am told my kids are not engaged in class.”

“No matter what I try, they won’t follow.”

Before giving up, please try the presentation: “Go for the heart first”, by Esteban Gonnet. You will get some useful tips from this veteran teacher by looking at twelve socio-emotional learning scenarios that will help you reach any and every child’s heart.

Once there, you’ll reach their minds!!

Esteban (Steve) Gonnet is a bilingual educator with over 30 years’ experience in the classroom. He is part of his district's Distinguished Teacher Review (DTR) group; has been designated with the rating of “Exemplary" by the Texas Education Agency (TEA); he's an experienced presenter, a husband, father, and recently, a grandfather!!