"Becoming Effective Teachers"

Have you asked yourself any of these questions lately?

What makes Mr./Ms. XX such a great teacher?

How do other teachers get such good scores, while mine are so poor?

Why is my annual evaluation so low, even when I work so hard?

Why do I experience a sense of failure when I think about my job?

Before considering a career change, please give Esteban Gonnet’s “Becoming Effective Teachers” a try. In this presentation, this experienced teacher, presenter, and podcaster will help you understand that being effective starts with working smarter, and not harder. You will also learn some crucial features about our students (Generation Alpha) which you may have never heard before. Together, you will walk through twelve learning scenarios to understand the difference between effective and ineffective teaching. With this information, you will discover the underlying pedagogical principles to allow you to no longer watch the effective teachers from a distance, but rather to become one yourself!

Esteban Gonnet is a Dallas ISD bilingual educator, with over 30 years’ experience in the classroom. He is a DTR teacher, has been designated “Exemplary" by TEA, an experienced presenter, a husband, father, and recently, an abuelo!